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Somehow, the powers that be decided that my post on languages was worthy of a wider audience. We made it to Deep Chip! Deep Chip is John Cooley’s site that is read by every hardware designer on the planet.

Here is the link:

If anyone wants to comment on this and somehow finds this post (unfortunately, John doesn’t allow “self promotion”) , please feel free to post comments.


One Comment

  1. what a great rant, chris. i couldn’t agree more. i have long believed that the next logical step for verilog and vhdl is simplication, and was horrified to see the world go in the opposite direction.

    you say you are not naive enough to think that your post will change the world, but let’s not give up hope so soon. if you have somehow started a movement, please count me in. simplicity and elegance were the driving forces in my work on psl, and i would be *very* interested in being part of a group working on simplication in the world of hardware design languages.

    cindy eisner
    senior technical staff member
    ibm haifa research laboratory
    haifa, israel

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